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Achieve your goals and dreams with ease while feeling inspired, confident, and aligned

Brittni Cosgrove, personal and professional coach, works 1:1 with people to transform their lfie from the inside out.
Brittni Cosgrove, personal and professional coach, works 1:1 with people to transform their lfie from the inside out. Here she is standing in front of Bryce Canyon.

Hi! I'm Brittni

I'm so glad you're here!

I help aspiring people reach specific goals and create a life they’re passionate about. I’m all about authenticity, continued personal and professional growth, and living a life you’re excited to live. As a former self-identified perfectionist and someone that battled severe anxiety for nearly two decades, I am familiar with never feeling good enough and always hiding behind a mask… well, more like a wall if I’m being honest. And while it was simply how I protected myself, it resulted in a lot of self doubt, the never-ceasing thoughts “I can’t, I’m not good enough, what’s wrong with me?”, and never letting myself be open or real with anyone.

As I’ve walked my path I have discovered new depths of self love and acceptance and let me tell you, this is where freedom, power, and purpose coexist. And with that I have found true confidence and a renewed commitment to myself and my goals, as well as how to create an aligned strategy to reach those goals with ease and fulfillment. I’m happy to lead the way and together we will watch the magic happen.


"I think we've been conditioned to chase success before we even know what that means to us. What I see as success is different than what you see as success...and that's okay! To me, success is living in a way that's unapologetically authentic - live the life you want, be who you want to be, and honor yourself every step of the way." 

- Brittni Cosgrove


Here's a few ways I coach people 

Every coaching container is unique and there's endless possibilities to what we might explore in the container depending on the client. These are some common themes to give you an idea of what's available to you and your growth. 

Career clarity

Work is a part of the wheel of life, and when it's out of alignment it can affect more areas of our life than just work. Whether you are trying to find your purpose or you want to get that promotion, sometimes we need support getting our work life where we want it to be.

Reaching goals

Raise your hand if you are great at setting goals but it's challenging for you to reach them. You are not alone. Sometimes we need support in getting clear on our goals, how to reach them, and then actually following through. 

Meet Yourself

To become who you're meant to be, you must first realize you can create the life you desire. Maybe you are trying to form/break habits, heal your past pains, or bring more value and confidence into your life. No matter how it shows up for you know that you have the power to create that change, already within you. 


"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."

- Albert Einstein -

Free Clarity Call
Brittni Cosgrove, personal and professional coach, works 1:1 with people to transform their lfie from the inside out. Here she is standing laughing in Key West, Florida.




During this first session, we will discuss your goals and dreams, touch base on what you think is standing in the way of you achieving them, and how my coaching and methodology could serve you. All you need is an open mind, an open heart, and the will to grow and discover yourself on a whole new level.

Fragile Pampas

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