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I always look forward to my coaching sessions with Brittni! She has such a loving presence and she is able to coach me through any situation that I am going through. I can be having a tough day and when our session is over, I feel completely at peace.  


There is a depth to Brittni's coaching that is unparalleled to any other. She is able to get to the heart of any issue to bring about deep transformative change. She genuinely cares for each of her clients and she coaches everyone from a place of deep kindness and presence. It only takes one session with Brittni to experience the magic that she is!

- Jean Y -

These past few months I have been working with Brittni as she has been coaching me through life. I have learned so much about myself and how to handle my emotions, anxiety, and truly learn how to love myself again. Brittni has encouraged and inspired me in so many ways that will help me succeed in life. Each session is different, with different conversations and topics, yet she always has the perfect exercise and tools in mind to guide me through the process of coping with said topic.


She has helped me change my perception of life, and of myself, in a more positive and stress-free way which has made my day to day life much more joyful and manageable. Brittni is completely judgment-free and will support and encourage her clients in the most empathetic and loving ways, always putting everyone’s mental health first. I have used many of the different tools Brittni has gifted me during our sessions on a daily basis and it always calms my mind, and helps me through each and every situation. I have seen so much growth in myself these past few months; I cannot wait to keep learning and growing from Brittni as she continues to coach me. I still have so much learning and growing to do, but I now have the support, tools, and knowledge from Brittni to forever continue my growth. 


- Lydia C -

Flexible,  intuitive, responsive and compassionate are some of the top words to describe Brittni's dynamic coaching.  I have been successfully working with Brittni for over a year now. She has helped me clarify my thoughts and identify what I needed to do to move forward.  Brittni always holds space and creates an environment so that the next aligned action step appears and I have the confidence to take it.  She has been strategic in moving my business forward.  I would highly recommend Brittni as a personal coach, her follow-through is remarkable, as is her steadfast positive attitude.  I thoroughly recommend working with Brittni to increase your confidence and gain clarity.  


- Jennifer S -

I loved working with Brittni! I was a little nervous going into this and I didn’t really know what to expect or even what I really wanted from our sessions together but Brittni guided me perfectly from our very first meeting. She made me feel comfortable and heard. Brittni asked questions, which brought clear direction to what my needs and goals were. She would listen to all of my jumbled thoughts and bring focus & clarity to them. I gained valuable insights and learned so much about myself during the meditations she would lead me in. For someone who struggles with perfectionism that leads to an almost paralyzing fear in moving forward with projects, I found that breaking things down and prioritizing are so helpful and I learned to do that during our sessions together. She would give me practical, bite-sized steps to take each week. I’m so grateful for my time working with Brittni!


- Lisa T -

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