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Brittni Cosgrove, personal and professional coach, works 1:1 with people to transform their lfie from the inside out. Here she stands looking out over the Grand Canyon.


and welcome

If you're here, there's a good chance you are at a point in life where you are ready to scale and uplevel your life. You're ready to step into a life of fun, passion, and ease. You have goals and dreams to achieve, maybe even ones you know are bigger than just you. You trust there's a touch of magic and miracles to life. You want to not only live a beautiful, passionate life, but you want to do so while creating an impact in this world.

      But you're just not quite sure how.

I am here to help.

Brittni Cosgrove, personal and professional coach, works 1:1 with people to transform their lfie from the inside out. Here she is sitting on a fountain in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

It wasn't long ago that I was right where you are. 
I felt lost, stuck. Confused at how I could have so much ambition and drive with no idea where I wanted to go, let alone how. 
I felt like I had my car packed and fueled and I was ready to take off on my grand adventure, but every time I started in a new direction I either didn't like the scenery, my GPS kept rerouting, or sometimes like the further I drove the more my car tried breaking down. Oh, and I had no idea where the final destination was. 
My whole life I had been told how much potential I had, how ambitious I was, how I was going to do great things... and yet I found myself learning the brutal lesson of what happens with all that powerful energy when it doesn't know where to go.

About me

The earliest I remember feeling anxious, I was about seven years old. Seven. I was in 1st grade. 

I don't remember the context of that first experience, but looking back I’m not surprised I was already so stressed. By then I was already striving to be the top student, a professional piano player, and any of the ten or so careers I was already considering (these included lawyer, veterinarian, and criminologist/forensic profiler). I was seven.

I was already chasing perfection, a mission that fueled anxiety for the next twenty years. 

From this point forward anxiety would be so familiar to me that by the time I was in high school I had no idea I was experiencing severe anxiety and depression 95% of the time. It had become my default, but a default I subconsciously hid behind a fortress. In fact, if anyone - including myself - were to describe me, you’d hear terms like “bubbly”, “happy”, “dedicated, hard worker”, “fantastic student”, “everyone’s friend”, “perfect”. At one point my face was so trained to smile that at any moment the corners of my mouth were turned upwards. Literally.

And no one knew that I constantly felt like I would fall apart. And I knew that if I fell apart, everyone would see the truth. That I wasn’t perfect, not even close. That I didn’t have my life together and every plan I made for the future felt cold and empty, even lifeless. That I was weak, just for wanting to cry. That I was a fraud, just pretending to be happy and healthy. So I reinforced my fortress, ensuring that I wouldn’t fall apart. Emotions were pushed down, it didn’t even matter what they were - sadness, anger, joy, none of them were welcome. I made sure I never had too much time without a project, leading to over a decade of being overworked, burnt out, and never allowing any down time to just be

And I have to say, I was killing it. Great grades, amazing friendships, college scholarships, countless extracurricular and volunteer hours, awards I don’t even remember now… I had the whole world fooled, even myself. I was so convinced I was excelling at life that when, in college, I started waking up nauseous and dry-heaving, I still didn’t think anything was wrong. And I let that continue for years. It wasn’t till a few months after I had graduated college that the anxiety subsided a little for the first time ever, to the point where the morning nausea wasn’t showing up every day. And that was when I realized that maybe, just maybe, my anxiety wasn’t normal. 

Here’s what I wish I had seen earlier:

  • That me proudly identifying as a Perfectionist was not only a major player in the anxiety, it kept me playing small and never feeling good enough. Seriously, it didn’t matter how much effort I spent on something or how great it turned out - for the two decades anxiety starred in, I rarely felt satisfied with the end results. 

  • That the voice in my head (the little one that never went away, letting me know all the things I could and should do better, pointing out anything that might be considered a flaw) was crueler and harsher than I had ever heard anyone else speak. I was my own worst bully. 

  • That I was so out of touch with my emotions that I experienced years of numbness, thinking “Smiling = Happy”, “Blank face = Peace”, etc. 

  • That I was just waiting and praying to get “There”. I didn’t even know what “There” was, but I knew I was destined for it and that it would definitely be better than Here. 

Thankfully it’s never too late for growing, learning, and personal development. It’s never too late to heal, learn how to feel, or change life up. 

At the end of 2020, my life finally took the U-turn I had always unknowingly hoped for. I invested in coaching and spent the entirety of 2021 on developing myself at a whole new level. Doing so, I was able to unravel my sense of self-worth from what I Do. I learned how to get clear on exactly what I want out of life, and I learned what “I don’t know” actually means. I overcame a fear of rejection I never knew I had, and a fear of failure I thought was healthy. I nurtured my inner child and successfully lowered my anxiety from 8/10 on my best days to maybe a 2 on my hardest days. I found that all these “bad” feelings (such as anxiety or fear) are also experienced by everyone, including the most successful and inspirational people I look up to. I started practicing how to feel - the good, the heavy, and everything in between. And I integrated life-changing tools to work with any feeling and still create success despite circumstances.

Brittni Cosgrove, personal and professional coach, works 1:1 with people to transform their lfie from the inside out. Here Brittni is standing at the edge of the ocean at the beach.

Through this work I have not only gained direction and purpose in life, but also an incredibly deep level of confidence and self-love. I have freedom and ease in my life, whether the season of life is filled with metaphorical sunshine or rain. I can successfully create an aligned roadmap to reach my goals, and I accomplish them with courage, ease and flow. And I know and trust that all this goodness - the confidence, love, freedom, ease, alignment - will always be available to me no matter how rough the waters are. 

Brittni Cosgrove, personal and professional coach, works 1:1 with people to transform their lfie from the inside out. Here she is walking down a path by the beach in Key West, Florida.

I created a fulfilling business from this methodology and now I help others create the same dynamic in their lives. 

I help people uplevel their career or business, deepen their relationships, heal emotional wounds, strengthen communication skills, expand authentic confidence, and invite and infuse more passion into their life. While every client’s coaching container is as unique as their thumbprint, the framework is the same - we will co-create a customized route to reach your goals, taking the scenic route to clear any obstacles that pop up and to give you the opportunity to grow and expand past your wildest dreams. 

Brittni Cosgrove, personal and professional coach, works 1:1 with people to transform their lfie from the inside out. Here Brittni is standing looking out through a tunnel in Bryce Canyon.


Brittni holds two Bachelor degrees (BS in Mathematics, BA in Spanish) from Western Washington University located in Bellingham, WA. At the beginning of 2021, Brittni began studying life and coaching techniques through the Institute of Coaching Mastery, a year long certification program specializing in deep transformation. She has since graduated and received certification, completed a second year in the program, and has served on the leadership team for the Institute of Coaching Mastery's 2023 and 2024 cohorts. 

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